Dan Dixon is an Atlanta based, freelance producer, engineer, mixer, and musician.  He was head engineer at Zac Brown's Southern Ground Studio, has written for film and television, released 8 albums since 1999, and is currently producing albums and fronting his band, PLS PLS.

P A R T I A L   D I S C O G R A P H Y

Biters, The Future Ain't What It Used To Be (Producer, Engineer, Mixer)

Biters, Electric Blood (Producer, Engineer, Mixer)

Biters, It's Ok to Like Biters (Producer, Engineer, Mixer)

Biters, All Chewed Up (Producer, Engineer, Mixer)

CRX , New Skin  (Engineer)

Fast Eddy, Toofer One (Engineer, Mixer)

Death Tapes, tba (Engineer, Mixer)

Baby Baby, tba (Producer, Engineer, Mixer)

Wyldlife, The Time Has Come For Rock n' Roll (Producer, Engineer, Mixer)

Wyldlife,  Out On Your Block ( Producer, Engineer, Mixer)

Addie Warncke, Static/ Soccer Moms (Producer, Engineer, Mixer)

Gunpowder Gray, Lethal Rock nā€™ Roll (Producer, Engineer, Mixer)

Bad Mother, Gone (Producer, Engineer, Mixer)

Black Heart Breakers, Wasted (Mixer)

Whores, Ruiner  (Engineer, Mixer)

Angie Aparo, Praise Be (Mixer)

Shrunken Head, Nightingale (Engineer, Mixer)

Jesus Honey, Party Favors (Engineer, Mixer)

Prowess, Bring Your Love (Engineer, Mixer)

Traindodge, Supernatural Disasters  (Engineer, Mixer)

Traindodge, Time Will Never Know Your Name  (Engineer, Mixer)

Traindodge, Remains (Mixer)

The Doobie Brothers w/ Zac Brown Band, Southbound (Engineer)

The Life and Times, The Flat End of the Earth ep (Engineer, Mixer)

Curtis Harding, On My Way (Producer, Engineer, Mixer)

PLS PLS, ep ep (Producer, Engineer, Mixer, Musician)

PLS PLS, lp lp (Producer, Engineer, Mixer, Musician)

PLS PLS, Jet Black  (Producer, Engineer, Mixer, Musician)

Dropsonic, VI (Producer, Engineer, Mixer, Musician)

Dropsonic, Belle (Producer, Engineer, Mixer, Musician)

Dropsonic, Low Life (Producer, Engineer, Mixer, Musician)

Dropsonic, Insects With Angel Wings (Mixer)

Aristocrats, untitled ep (Engineer, Mixer, Musician)

Dead Register,  Fiber  (Engineer, Mixer)

Dead Register, Captive (Engineer, Mixer)

Luigi, Chastain to China (Mixer)

Von Strantz, Narratives Chapter 2 (Producer, Engineer, Mixer, Musician)

Von Strantz, Narratives Chapter 3 (Producer, Engineer, Mixer, Musician)

Von Strantz, Through the Looking Glass (Producer, Engineer, Mixer, Musician)

Rrest, Harajuku Station (Mixer)

Map of the Moon, S/T ep (Engineer, Mixer)

The Booze, At Maximum Volume (Engineer, Mixer)

K Michelle Dubois, Astral Heart (Producer, Engineer, Mixer, Musician)

K Michelle Dubois, Harness (Producer, Engineer, Mixer, Musician)

Love Letter (Engineer, Mixer)

Constellations, King of the Gutter (Producer, Engineer, Mixer, Musician)

Hawks, Fluffer Cassette-Cottonmouth, SP  (Engineer, Mixer)

Faithless Town, Empires (Producer, Engineer)

Faithless Town, American Refugee (Engineer, Mixer)

Jordan Corey, Do Me Wrong (Writer, Producer, Engineer, Musician)

Jordan Corey, Trilogy (Writer, Producer, Engineer, Mixer, Musician)

Myles Brown, Myles Brown (Producer, Engineer, Mixer)

Paul Johnson and the About Last Nights, Give Up the Ghost  (Co Producer, Engineer, Mixer)

Trances Arc, TA (Producer, Engineer, Mixer)

Trances Arc, Radians (Producer, Engineer, Mixer)

We All, The End of the Reeling   (Producer, Engineer, Mixer)

Darkwater Redemption, Darkwater Redemption (Producer, Engineer, Mixer)

68-75, Stay on the Ride (Producer, Engineer, Mixer)

68-75, Consequences  (Engineer, Mixer)

Hot Wives, Eat Your Enemies  (Engineer, Mixer)

Women's Work, Women's Work (Engineer, Mixer)

That's My Kingdom, It's Awful You (Mixer)

Madeline Fuhrman, Something Beautiful (Writer, Producer, Engineer, Musician)

Madeline Fuhrman, Should Have Known (Writer, Producer, Engineer, Musician)

Azhia, Lonely Alone (Co Producer, Engineer, Musician)

Kill, Baby...Kill!, Corridor X (Engineer, Mixer)

Kill, Baby...Kill!, Sometimes They Come Back (Engineer, Mixer)

The Poles, Twelve Winds (Engineer, Mixer)

Adult Cinema, Disorder on the Dancefloor  (Producer, Engineer, Mixer)

Karbomb, Nose Before Toes (Engineer, Mixer)